PTOD Hosted another 12 Hour worship and prayer watch on 1/16/10. This time we were at Philadelphia Deliverance Tabernacle on Ogontz ave in Philly.

Many thanks and blessings to the PDT team!

Here is a partial list of the things that the Lord spoke to us or that we prayed/declared/sang.

  • We started out by singing/praying ‘prepare the way of the Lord’.
  • As we continued, the Lord began to speak very powerfully about ‘beholding the land’ and looking upon what Philadelphia was/is called and destined to be.
  • The Lord challenged us to look with the eyes of the Lamb and look redemptively upon the land.  We declared to the Lord that there was a remnant that DID remember his purposes over Philadelphia and that we would press into Him until we saw the fullness of what He wanted to bring forth.
  • Declared Psalm 97:3 – “A fire goes before Him, And burns up His enemies round about”
  • Declared that God was moving around the world and that included Philadelphia!
  • We welcomed the King of Glory in through the Northern Gate and welcomed Jesus in whichever manner He chooses to come.
  • Prayed through a prophetic word that stated the Church in Philadelphia sees in black and white and God desires for us to see in FULL COLOR.  We declared that we would see all that the Lord wants us to see and welcome Him in all the various facets of who He is.
  • Called forth musicians and singers to come and stand in the house of the Lord by night and by day.
  • Prayed that Philadelphia would be a city of love and would return to it’s first love
  • Declared His love for all men
  • Declared Philadelphia would be a city of refuge and that God was the source of refuge
  • Prayed for specific groups in Philadelphia – particularly youth, to come forth into their destinies in Him
  • Prayed for God to pour out his rain and oil on our land
  • Called forth warrior-builders like in the days of Nehemiah
  • Prayed for the salvation of the Jewish people and the peace of Jerusalem