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A big thank you to all who attended and served.. Last weekends 12 Hour Worship was powerful and exciting! Thanks Especially to Pastors Rick & Tom & the rest of City Church of South Philly for opening their building.

If you missed any part of it, here is a partial list of things that we prayed through, in somewhat chronological order..

Make us clean
That Philadelphia is a city after God’s heart
Righteousness, Faith , Love and Peace over the city
I Thes. 5:23-24
Let it rain!
The beginning of springtime
A new day
Spring up oh well
Shine Your light on this city
Release the revelation of Your love
Let wickedness, pride and enemies fall away
Life over the city
Vision over the city – Isaiah 35/Ezekiel 47
God is in the midst of her
Not by power or might
Philadelphia will be a city of refuge
Repented for abandonment of the city
What was sown in tears will be reaped in joy
See revival by faith
Lord, release our fragrance in this land
Philadelphia is rising from the ashes
Proclaimed freedom & atmospheric revival
Sow the word – sing over your seed
Repentance and Forgiveness for city wounds
Removed hindrances to prayer
Psalm 139
One new man worshipping You
Refreshing – drinking of the Spirit