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This year PTOD was blessed to be able to participate in two powerful events on the National Day of Prayer.  In the morning we were able to connect with the local Philadelphia event where we lead a time of intercessory worship prior to the main program at Independence Mall.  As the Lord had it, the electric stopped working for a period of time and we were able to take the acoustic instruments down off of the area prepared for the band and had a true ‘Tabernacle of David’ experience as we gathered in a circle in the grass and ministered to the Lord with no amplification.

In the evening we connected and partnered with Balance Ministries for a meeting in Valley Forge.  This was a special and powerful time of worship and prayer with various PTOD worship leaders.  The Lord moved powerfully and revealed many important and powerful points for prayer.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the awesome freedom we have in this country to worship and pray to the Lord and seek His blessings.