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On May 13th-15th, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David had the privilege of holding a Vision and Equipping Conference with Alan Vincent as the guest speaker. The conference was an opportunity to share the vision of Philadelphia Tabernacle of David (PTOD) and to have Alan teach on the fundamental principles of David’s Tabernacle.

Members of the PTOD team stumbled across the idea of the Tabernacle of David over 10 years ago. A few years later we were introduced to Alan’s ministry and his teaching on Raising David’s Tabernacle. Alan’s teaching was everything that God had put in our hearts and then some! From that point on, it was a dream in our hearts to one day have Alan come in and cast a vision regarding the TOD.

For Alan, God had given him a burden for Philadelphia 20 years ago. When Alan first came to the US, God spoke to him regarding 5 cities in which he would have a significant impact. To date, Alan had seen strategic Kingdom connections in 4 of those 5 cities (with Philadelphia being the exception). Among other things, this conference was a chance to celebrate God’s faithfulness as He fulfilled the dreams and promises He had put in the heart of His saints.

Each meeting started with a time of intercessory worship lead by different worship leaders connected with PTOD. This was followed by a time of warring praise and celebration of the Lordship of Jesus. During the worship there were powerful times where the Lord imparted His heart to us to be worshiping warriors who would raise a standard of praise over the city of Philadelphia.

Alan shared how Jesus, after his resurrection, prepared His disciples to be a dynamic city taking team. These principles still ring true for us. He spoke concerning the importance of becoming ‘little Christs’ so as to effect the spiritual atmosphere of the city. Alan also shared about the rich heritage and ‘seeds’ that are resident in Philadelphia. He challenged us to press into the Holy Spirit for divine strategies to reclaim and restore the purposes of God in this city.

Of course, Alan also spoke extensively on the principles of the Tabernacle of David highlighting the need for holiness, purity and intimacy. All of which are prerequisites to moving out in the warring aspects of the TOD and seeing our cities impacted for the Lord. Alan used personal experiences from his time in San Antonio and in the nations to challenge us to become people of great faith who embrace the strategy of the Holy Spirit and become agents of change wherever we go.

Saturday night was a definite high point as the worship reached an intense level in warfare and in declaring the majesty of God. Following the worship and prior to the message, PTOD had the priviledge of presenting to Alan a plaque with William Penn’s prayer for Philadelphia on it in honor of his burden and heart for the city. That evening Alan shared on how to operate in great faith and to do the greater works that Jesus said would follow those who believe. The meeting concluded with a powerful time of impartation with Alan laying his hands on everyone who desired it. Many were powerfully touched and received a strong anointing to go forth as a city taking team.

CD’s of the conference are available for order, and in the coming months we hope to make some different resources available through the site . Please pray for the vision of PTOD. We covet your prayers and long to see God’s plan for Philadelphia fulfilled.