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ASCEND 2011 was a POWERFUL time!  Many were ministered to in awesome ways, but most importantly – the Lord was ministered to.  Thursday night started with a dynamic time of worship lead by Radiant followed by a challenging message by Jamie Fitt in which he encouraged us to ascend in praise – particularly spontaneous praise, and to be willing to pay the price to ascend the hill of the Lord.

Friday morning, Radiant again lead in time of powerful worship, after which Stephen Jenks of Eagles’ Wings shared on the principles of ascending in the natural realm and how they relate to what God has called us to do in the Spirit.

Friday afternoon, it was Radiant’s turn to minister for a full session.  Richy and the team lead in a brief time of worship and then Richy Clark shared his powerful personal testimony.  Following that, Richy released the team for a time of prayer and ministry.  Many received powerful and accurate prophetic words.  This was a break through time.

Friday night, Breakthru lead in an intense time of worship culminating in a declaration over Philadelphia that it was a strong city!  Stephen Jenks then shared again.  This time from Psalm 122 about 5 invitations that the Lord had for His people.  The Eagles’ Wings team ministered powerfully following the message.

Saturday morning Radiant ministered in worship singing several original songs.  We received an impartation in worship.  Then Stephen shared one last time – this time on “How to Ascend and Not Get Weird”.  Stephen’s messages were extremely prophetic and yet highly practical.

Saturday afternoon, Benjamin Deitrick from Eagles’ Wings shared a powerful message on sound and praise.  He taught about the 7 Hebrew words for praise, and then we “practiced” them.  This lead to a powerful time of worship, prayer and declarations over Philadelphia.

Saturday night, Stephen and the Eagles’ Wings team lead worship.  The presence of God was extremely powerful as many were on their faces before the Lord.  Richy Clark shared a powerful message about reigning with Christ and receiving the keys of the Kingdom.  After the message, Richy released the Radiant team to minister to people.  God came in a powerful way and many were touched with a burden for intercession and with the fire of God.  The night ended in exhuberant celebration before the Lord.

Thank you Lord for an awesome time with you!!