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About PTOD

Philadelphia Tabernacle of David is a community of people from many different churches with a passion to see Philadelphia transformed by the dynamic presence of God. PTOD is intentional about making a resting place for the Lord through continuous worship and prayer. Endeavoring to follow the principles of David’s Tabernacle, PTOD seeks to create a spiritual climate that will aid in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Representatives from PTOD have ministered extensively in the tri-state area, across the state of Pennsylvania and in various other states.

Our History 

In 1999, the Lord started to speak to a small worship team about holding 12 & 24 hour prayer and worship gatherings. Through these gatherings, a revelation of the Tabernacle of David and a vision for 24/7 worship and prayer was birthed in a very organic way. For about 10 years, this small team planned 12 hour, 24 hour, and even some 40 hour worship & prayer gatherings. However, it was not until 2009 that Philadelphia Tabernacle of David was officially founded. For the next two years, PTOD continued to organize the regional worship & prayer gatherings, as well as some Vision & Equipping conference. In February 2011, PTOD held its first major gathering: ASCEND Worship Conference. This conference also helped spawn PTOD’s first weekly meeting: Ascend Community. PTOD continues to plan and support regional gatherings, hold its weekly prayer watches, and is now expanding into additional weekly gatherings to move toward 24/7.

Our Vision

Out of love for Him, PTOD is co-laboring with God in establishing a place to host His manifest presence in the city of Philadelphia. In accordance with the principles of David’s Tabernacle, continuous and effective worship & prayer will create a spiritual atmosphere aiding the fulfillment of the Great Commission and regional transformation.

Our Core Values

1) Forcefully advancing the kingdom by sowing to the heavens.
2) Undergirding churches & ministries through prayer.
3) Building the kingdom through relationships.
4) Preparing the way of the Lord.
5) Encouraging the priesthood of all believers.
6) Promoting oneness in the body of Christ.
7) Raising up the next generation through training/mentoring.
8) Establishing and strengthening the prophetic voice
9) Nurturing worship & prayer that is:

  • Effective for community transformation
  • In accordance with the Psalms and other biblical models
  • Expressed genuinely in a variety of cultural and artistic forms
  • Done with excellence
  • Offered up with a prophetic edge
  • Done corporately, engaging and activating those gathered
  • Covering / Affiliation

Our Affiliations

PTOD is proud to be affiliated with, and accountable to, HarvestNET. HarvestNET is a network of churches and ministries linked together by shared vision and a desire to be partners in the coming harvest. For more information about HarvestNET visit

PTOD is also involved with a network of other worship and prayer ministries from all over PA. The entire group generally comes together quarterly, as well as supporting each others events on an ongoing basis as schedules allow. It is one of the few truly active and truly statewide networks that we know of – where the only aim is to come together for prayer, worship, and see God transform our cities, our state, our country, and the nations.