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Crown and Throne Worship School is designed to help equip worshipers of all kinds to go deeper in their understanding and experience of worship. It is a chance to engage with a deeper revelation of how God is using worship in this hour.


This isn’t just for worship leaders… its for all worshippers!


Some of the topics we will include: The Tabernacle of David   I  Hearing and releasing Heaven’s sound  I  Biblical foundations of worship and praise  I  “Governmental” worship  I  Worship that engages the angelic realm  I  Spirit and truth worship/deep calling to deep  I  Horizontal and vertical effects of worship  I  Learning to move “off the page” (getting beyond songs)  I  Learning to flow with the heart of God  I  Spontaneous praise I Functioning as kings and priests in worship  I   A biblical understanding of excellence in worship  I  And More…

2020 Schedule


March 20-21


Special Guests: Kirk Bennett

Kirk Bennett is a father, senior leader, prophetic consultant and coach in the global spiritual encounter movement of God. He is spiritual director of 7Thunders (ministry). As a husband, father and grandfather he is encouraging and building the spiritual family in the nations. Based in Kansas City, Kirk and his teams travel empowering believers to encounter God and get their voice directly before Him. He visits cities watching the movements of God and facilitating partnership with God in cities, churches, and prayer houses in over 35 nations and 500 places. His ministry is mandated to: Be hours before the Lord, Preach to the poor in the nations, and Reproduce the priesthood of the believer in successive generations. Kirk coaches houses of prayer and churches to build the way that God is building in order to see the church that Christ leads, shining in His brightness.

Schedule: Friday March 20th, 7pm; Saturday March 21st, 9am-5pm

Location: Philadelphia House of Prayer – 5500 Tabor Ave  –  Philadelphia PA 19120

**Saturday Lunch & an MP3 recording of the sessions are both included in the cost of registration!


August 14-15


Special Guest: Chris Burns

Chris Burns is a worshiper, singer/songwriter and preacher. He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe and even the Middle East the past 10 years with songs, worship, and the preaching and teaching of the Gospel. He has released 6 worship albums to date and is the author of the book “Pioneers of His Presence” which is used in schools all over the world and been translated into various different languages.

Chris is the founder of The Sound Movement which hosts nationwide Jesus festivals, worship schools, music intensives and online personal training and equipping.

Chris and his wife Danielle along with their children Jude, Mila and Elisabeth currently live, serve and base themselves out of Nashville, TN

Schedule: Friday August 14th, 7pm; Saturday August 15th, 9am-5pm

Location: TBD

**Saturday Lunch & an MP3 recording of the sessions are both included in the cost of registration!