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This September PTOD will be helping to lead a journey from Rome to Jerusalem.  We will once again be partnering with Jon and Jolene Hamill, Ed Watts, and James Nesbit.  We believe this is a prophetic journey where we will be carrying the substance of the Kingdom to these two cities who have a holy destiny.  We will be ending our time in Jerusalem by participating with our friends at Eagles Wings’ Ministries in a 72 hour expression of worship called Awake Jerusalem, where literally, the nations of the earth will be going up to Jerusalem to worship, and we will be in the midst of it!

This trip is also historic in its timing being at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles in the 70th year of Israel and the 50th year of Jerusalem’s reunification.  These same reasons, however, make this trip a very expensive one!  That is why we are asking for your partnership.  The approximate total cost for the trip for all three of us is $16,500.  We are incredibly grateful that over half of that has already been provided.  However, we still need to raise $8,000 before the end of this month.

It’s our great honor to represent all of you who are not able to make the trip.  Please know that your partnership is a very real way for you to ‘go with us’ on this journey.  As always, we plan to provide detailed updates as we are able.