On July 27, 2010 PTOD held an Equipping Meeting, a monthly weeknight meeting designed to cast vision, grow in unity, and share practical teaching on how to build the Tabernacle of David in Philadelphia. At this meeting our PTOD Chairman, Jamie Fitt, highlighted a recent and timely word from Bill Hunter. The word calls for us to invite God into Philadelphia on His terms.  It also calls for us to prepare ourselves for His visitation.

To that end, the PTOD team has issued a call to 50 days of Prayer and Fasting. The 40 day Daniel Fast began on July 28 and will end on September 5. The remaining 10 days will be a water or liquid fast for those who feel led in that direction. The fast will lead up to a series of meetings in September where we will be crying out to the Lord to move in Philadelphia (click here for more in on those meetings).  Again this is a “call” to fast and a suggestion on how we should corporately proceed. We encourage you to do as you feel led.  We believe that some key issues to focus on as we fast are:

  • Unity and reconciliation
  • Greater revelation of God and His vision for Philadelphia
  • Greater purity
  • Greater intensity in intercession and capacity to receive the heart of God
  • Greater obedience

Isaiah 58 has also been an encouragement that our fast must concern more than what we eat. We need to have the heart attitudes of God as seen in this chapter. The PTOD community encourages you to join us as we fast and pray for Philadelphia in this focused season. The following audio will give you a full explanation of what is going on and more recommendations on how to proceed.

CLICK HERE for a written copy of the July 12 word from Bill Hunter.