Thanks to Pastor Steve and all of the folks at Faith Love Outreach Church for being wonderful hosts and thanks to all of the worshipers/intercessors who helped make the day a powerful one.

Some of the prayer topics that were covered:

For believers and leaders to humble themselves
Restoration for the prodigals
Life to the lifeless
New heights in the Spirit
Sharing in the life of Christ
Repentance for a loveless and judgemental attitude
For the Church to arise and shine
For God to arise
Exalting the Lamb who is worthy
Addonai/El Shaddia – to arise
For the peace of Jerusalem
For watchmen to be raised up
For abortion to end
For a generation to seek HIM
For youth to be released into their destinies
Many other declarations!!

One special moment was a time of prayer for Bethlehem, PA.  Some folks from that area joined us and we were able to pray for them and their city.  God had us pray for Jerusalem, Philadelphia and Bethlehem – all ancient cities with destinies within their names.  We prayed that God would raise up Bethlehem to be a ‘house of bread’ where He would provide for his people and the Word of God would be brought forth as well as the will of God (all likened unto bread in the Scriptures).

They also prayed for Philadelphia that there would be Kingdom answers to big city problems.

It was a wonderful time.

Join us for the next 12 hour worship/prayer time on November 14th in conjunction with the Glory in the City meetings (sponsored by John Shiver Ministries). Further Details TBA!