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Awaken Watchmen 2016

Awaken Watchmen 2016

Thursday PM - Tim Sheets Friday AM - Tim Sheets Friday PM - Chuck Pierce Saturday AM - Lisa Hicks

Ed Watts – Rosh Hashanah

Ed Watts – Rosh Hashanah

Listen to a timely message from Pastor Ed Watts as we entered into the new year – a Jubilee year – 5776!

Family Gathering 2015

Family Gathering 2015

Family Gathering 2015 with our special Guest J.T. Thomas. Our theme was contending for the destiny of the African American Community.

The Samuel Initiative

Samuel lived in a time when the word of the Lord was rare and there was no wide spread revelation (1 Samuel 3:1).  But part of his life long ministry was to raise up a prophetic company in Israel. Samuel represented a new generation.  He was an uncompromised, prophetic voice of courage used to call the people back to God’s ways.

Samuel was also instrumental in establishing the Tabernacle of David – a time of unprecedented revival for Israel. Through Samuel’s ministry, King David was eventually able to appoint hundreds of musicians and thousands of singers who prophesied in song 24/7!  Israel went from a place where the word of the Lord was rare, to a season where the word of the Lord was declared 24/7/365 from the capital city!

The Samuel Initiative exists to gather and disseminate local (Greater Philly – Delaware Valley) prophetic revelation.

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PTOD Courses 

The PTOD Co-op

The PTOD Co-op is an opportunity to walk more closely with the PTOD team and to be equipped for similar ministry. The program is flexible and non-intensive, so as to accommodate those with jobs, school, or other daily requirements. Participants will gain valuable ministry training and experience, which makes the co-op a great stepping stone towards part/full time ministry or missionary status.

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Partnering with God in Prayer

In these days when intercession is being highlighted, many people are asking a very significant question: “What is intercession?” Some have been taught by well-meaning leaders that it is simply praying for others—and that’s it. Although praying for others may be a basic definition of intercession, we cannot stop there if we would successfully partner with what God is doing in the earth. If we are to see His Kingdom come in power throughout our communities, cities, and nations, we must move beyond the elementary truths (which are good) and delve  deeper into what the Word of God says about this very important subject.

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Crown & Throne Worship School

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