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What is a Prayer/Worship Missionary?

We are folks who have a calling to make ministering to the Lord our full time occupation. Similar to the traditional missionary understanding, evangelism and transformation are at the very core of what we believe in. However, the Lord has always (as far back as the Levitical Priesthood) set apart a certain group of people whose sole responsibility was to minister to Him and attend to the work of His house. While we believe in the royal priesthood of all believers, and that many will be called to serve him in their respective marketplace occupations or other assignments, we believe that the Lord has commissioned us to attend to the all important business of worship, prayer, fasting, and ministering to the Lord.


Why is it important?

We believe that there is a desperate need in our region for complete and utter transformation. We also believe that God’s manifest presence is the only thing that can bring this type of change. The establishment of Davidic worship in our time is a critical piece to ushering in God’s presence – and transformation. In a very practical way, the tabernacle of david can undergird the other ministries of a region with prayer, and also serve as a refueling station for those who are called to more evangelistic ministries. More info on the Tabernacle of David can be found here.


Prayer/worship missionaries live by faith and are dependent upon the gifts and donations of the body of Christ to support themselves and their families. This is a biblical model according to the examples of the Levitical Priesthood as well as the musicians & singers who ministered in the Tabernacle of David. We believe they are fertile ground to sow your financial seeds. If you would like to support a missionary, click on any of the photos below for more information about individuals: