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What is The Covering? (En Español)

The Covering is a relational team from the Greater Philadelphia area that will serve the region through a collaborative effort of non-stop, “24/7” prayer.  Various churches or ministries will each steward one 24 hour period per month, and councils will be formed to provide prayer focuses and track results. Centralized communication will connect the different groups that participate. Join The Covering.

How it works

Each participating church or ministry (organization, hereafter) will be responsible for one day each month (a calendar day, ie. the 18th of the month) to coordinate 24 hours of non-stop prayer starting at 6pm on the selected day. Once we have reached 30+ organizations involved, we will have “24/7” prayer covering our region. Each organization should have a primary coordinator that will interact with The Covering leadership. This coordinator could be a pastor, intercessor, administrator or other.

The methodology of how the 24 hours is conducted is completely subject to each organization. The following are suggestions only:

  • Fully Decentralized – members commit to one hour (or more) segments in their homes and pray as families or individually.
  • Semi Decentralized – members pray together with alternating leaders via a phone/video conference line.
  • Centralized – members gather at a centralized location for some or all of the 24 hour period and pray corporately.

What are we praying for?

There are two primary prayer directives:

  1. Pray for the felt needs of your organization as well as the needs of the other organizations that are a part of The Covering.
  2. Pray for the transformation of the Greater Philadelphia area.

The Covering will provide a quarterly prayer guide. Prayer points will be collated from eight councils made up of people in the community and church with influence in one of the following spheres of culture:

Business  I  Education  I  Government   I  Media   I  Arts   I  Family   I  Church   I  General Prophetic

Relationships & Growth

Both The Word and history are clear as to the effectiveness of strategic, targeted, unified prayer. In order to maximize our effectiveness, there will be times of connecting relationally to cast vision, and to train those who are praying. This will take two forms:

  • Three times a year we will gather all who are praying together for training and fellowship.
  • Once a month we will host a conference call for organization leaders to connect with one another as well as leaders of The Covering.

We believe that the stronger the relationships are, the stronger the prayer covering will be.

Requested Commitment

Each participating organization is requested to commit to the following:

  • Minimum 12 month commitment to coordinating 24 hours of prayer for one day each month.
  • Provide a coordinator to interface with The Covering leadership and connect on monthly conference calls.
  • Help provide connections to quality council members in the 8 council areas.
  • Encourage those participating in 24 hours of prayer to attend training & fellowship gatherings.
  • $50/month financial commitment to The Covering to sow into the operations of 24/7 prayer.


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