On August 7th we held a 12 hour watch at Philadelphia Deliverance Tabernacle.  Here are some of the things we prayed and declared:

Declared His majesty and Psalm 24
Change in all 7 mountains of culture
Unity — oneness
No more lies — no more deception
We are overcomers
Children are a heritage
1Thes. 1:5  4:9
The truth of our founding — Lord is the center of the nation
Spoke life over the city
Ps. 2:8 Phila. is Your inheritance and posession
Let your Kingdom come
Purify us
Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace
Being child like in his presence
Matthew 6:25-26
Deliver us from fear
You could never be praised enough
Psalm 150  Praise for all you are going to do!
There is no one else like you
Authority to bring down and raise up according to His word
Hosanna — Save now
Jew and Gentile — One new man
Rev. 5
Call forth the back slidden
We are His dwelling place
That His Glory be revealed in His church
Hold onto the Lord – Press into Him like Jacob- don’t take no for an answer
Be purified & content in Him
Come to give You our highest praise
Released the revelation of the Father’s heart through Jesus
Passion to pursue you–Gaze upon you– bring glory to Jesus
Holy are You – merciful and true
TRUTH -You are constantly speaking to us – Col 2: 2-4 & 8-10 – our hearts are knit together- we have all in Christ – we are not deceived
We will seek you first  —  You sustain all things
Isaiah 60 (1-3) (18-21) Declared You will be the light– we will reflect your glory. We will arise and shine!!!
Psalm 148
Jer 1: 17-19 Stand up! Say exactly what I tell you to say. We Responded — Yes! I will speak for you.
We are rising up– Sons  of God– Taking our place and doing what you say!!!!
Shun murmuring and complaining– Psalm 100: 4 — 1Thes. 5 :18
Psalm 29 — Give the Lord the glory due His name.  The voice of the Lord
Haggai 2:7 -Greater Glory  2Cor. 3: 17 & 18 Beholding His Glory we are changed.
Your Glory upon our face– we are unmovable, unshakable  Psalm 1 : 3
2Chron 5:11-15 When they made one sound praising the Lord- house was filled with the Glory cloud.
Ezekial 47 : 3-8 In the river over our head- river flows and brings healing to the city- The water is flowing it is here.
Isaiah 28: 16  Lord is the chief cornerstone
Is 28:23-26  We have been plowing– now is the time to plant.
It is all about Him.
Adore Him – The Redeemer- “You make all things new”  2Cor 5 : 17
Is 59; 15b-21, 60 : 1-7, 60 : 8 “Turn and kiss the Son; fear the Holy One; He is the King and Lord over all”
This is a Gate Keeper Church. Declared This Far and No More!!
2Chron 14 : 7