September 16th & 17th PTOD partnered with John Shiver and Bill Hunter for some very strategic meetings at the Belmont Mansion. A former sight of the underground railroad, the Belmont Mansion is now a museum to the historic movement that helped usher slaves to freedom. These meetings were a culmination of what the Lord had been saying to us in this season. The PTOD team, along with many others, were on an extended fast leading up to these meetings and felt that the Lord was wanting to do something very strategic and significant.

The first day started with a time of worship and prayer lead by PTOD team members that lasted about 5 hours, during which time leaders from all over Philadelphia prayed and declared over the city as the Holy Spirit guided us. There were moments when the presence of God was very intense and a strong sense of purpose and His presence gripped those who were present. That evening, Bill Hunter shared about the purpose for gathering as we had, and John Shiver shared a word about the similarities between the Church of Philadelphia in the book of Revelation and the Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a powerful time and there was a real sense that somethings had shifted that night in the Spirit.

The next day was also a powerful time of entering into the Lord’s presence and worshiping Him with abandonment. In the time of worship right before the meeting, the worshippers were encouraged to go outside of the tent and prophesy over the city as we continued making declarations in song. We called the love of God down on the city in a greater measure and sounded the alarm from the high place where we were positioned. That evening, Bill Hunter shared a word about 3 key cities the Lord showed him regarding the establishment of truth, freedom and brotherly love. John Shiver shared about Gideon’s 300 and the way that God used the simple in profound ways as they listened to His voice.

Since the meetings, we have had a profound sense that there has been a very significant shift over the city and that the Lord is leading us into ‘uncharted’ waters. It is urgent that we lean on Him in these times (as it always is) and rely on His Spirit to lead us into all truth.

Please check out some audio clips from this event on our audio page.