The following is a report on portions of the 48 Hour State-wide worship and prayer gathering that took place June 11-13 in Irwin PA (just outside of Pittsburgh).

  • Altar HOP (Fri. 4-6pm) – Prayer for Youth to rise up and take their place. Combined slots w/ PA Leaders (Friday 8-10pm) Leaders from all corners of the state (and Harrisburg) – Next level – Louder roar – releasing/hearing the sounds of war.  Bringing forth/birthing.  Restoration of Apostolic/Prophetic.  Receiving strategies in the place of worship – extravagant worship.  Prayer for Lance Rhoades for promotion in the Body Of Christ in Pittsburgh.
  • NE PA HOP – Scranton (Friday 10-Midnight) – Prayer to remain steady in the place of prayer, to be unmoveable and unshakeable and fruitful – to be a tree planted by the water – to delight in God’s word.
  • Jamie Fitt (2-4am Saturday) – Prepare the way of the Lord! – being totally consumed with His love and His life – declaring God’s love over Pittsburgh – singing songs of love over Pittsburgh.
  • Altar HOP (2-4pm Saturday) – Foot washing – Healing (prayer for all people with physical needs).  Times of refreshing.  Psalm 103
  • PTOD team (4-6pm Saturday) – that our prayers would resound with and amplify the prayers of those who have gone on before us, dancing on injustice, releasing the dance in Pittsburgh – government/leaders – prayer for a marriage ammendment in Pennsylvania defining marriage as God does (one man/one woman) – repentance for our prayerlessness for our leaders and social issues – prayer for the homosexual community – prayer that God would raise up priests and exalt the horn of David (break through for all the HOP’s/TOD’s in the State)
  • Combined slots w/ PA Leaders (Sat. 6-8:30) –  this was REALLY special – God was releasing the sounds of heaven and we became His voice in the earth.  There were many powerful prophetic words that came forth including one about breaking through to a new level (which we did!).  Many people were mightily touched by God.  It was unlike anything that has gone on before at the state wide meetings – I believe it came forth because of two main things  . . . the 48 hours of powerful worship and prayer that proceded it, and the unity of the state HOP’s/TOD’s coming together in the last slot and pressing into God with no agenda other than His. AWESOME! Unity was a big theme – many teams of young people from Pittsburgh (many of whom led wonderful devotional slots).
  • Friday night the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup (NHL – Ice Hockey Championship) by winning the decisive game in the best of seven series – a win that the commentators said “couldn’t happen”.  Interesting!  I think God is trying to get the nation to look at Pennsylvania!  First the Phillies, then the Steelers and now the Pens!
A big THANK YOU to Marcia Rhoades and the VotB team (awesome organization and direction!) as well as the host church Living Waters Family Worship Center (your hospitality was second to none!!).