On September 24th & 25th, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David hosted a meeting of Houses of Prayer and TOD’s from across the state. Approximately 45 different musicians, singers and intercessors (just those in a leadership role) gathered for a 24 hour time of worship and prayer for Philadelphia. Specifically, we were interceding for the Convoy of Hope which was taking place that Saturday (the 25th) at 8 different sites throughout the city.
The COH is a wholistic outreach which incorporates things from giving out groceries to praying for people to giving free haircuts and health screenings. It is a truly effective and wonderful evangelistic event. There were 8 sites throughout the city (in various locations – Frankford, Southwest Philly, Olney, etc.) that participated in this outreach – each site incorporated several different churches and ministries.
As the Lord guided us to pray, we lifted up the volunteers and all of the details that needed to come into place for the event to be a success. We also prayed for the people that would be attending the event, that they would be powerfully touched and ministered to by the Holy Spirit.
Here are some of the results from the day of reaching out:

– Approx. 14,000 people served (at all 8 sites)
– 85% of the people received prayer
– 120,000 lbs of groceries distributed
– Approx. 2,000 volunteers from 120 churches, 13 denominations and many other Independent churches
– 45 Organization/business partners
– 1000 people committed their lives to Christ for the first time!

Specifically at the site where we were praying (Faith Assembly of God in Frankford), there were 3500 people served (the most of any site!), and 586 people committed their lives to Christ!

One of the wonderful things that is happening is that the churches are all intending to continue working together for future events. Please pray that this happens and also pray for effective follow up for all the people that were ministered to that day.

Lastly, all the financial needs have been met – almost to the dollar!

The outreach and prayer event coincided with the Feast of Tabernacles – this is a feast where the Israelites celebrate the Harvest! Toward the end of our time of worship, when the outreach was concluded and we had some initial reports of what had happened, we celebrated the Harvest with a time of exuberant praise!

Special thanks to our friends from around the state and Pastor Richard Smith of Faith Assembly of God for being such a wonderful host house!