On June 17-19, PTOD was privileged to participate in a state wide gathering of Houses of Prayer from all over the state as well as some representatives from Ohio and New York.

There were many powerful things that the Lord did during this time, but the primary issue the Lord had us deal with was to declare and decree a divorce from Baal over the state of Pennsylvania.  Baal is all through the Old Testament as a major corrupting influence over the children of Israel.  Specifically, Baal is a god that causes the Israelites to break covenant with Yahweh and go after other gods.

As we worshiped the Lord, we also lead out in a specific decree of divorce from Baal.  This was followed by a powerful declaration stating that the divorce had been granted and that Baal was to release all of the inheritance of the children of God.  After that, we were intentional about celebrating our new freedom and connectedness to the Lord.  We celebrated the fact that we are the Bride of Christ and are connected to the Lord in an everlasting covenant.

Later that day the Lord seemed to confirm that there had been a powerful breakthrough as there was an intense rain that came.