October 28th-30th

The PTOD Vision and Equipping Conference was a powerful time of impartation and teaching. Our special guests were Alan Vincent and Dennis See.

Alan is an apostolic father whose ministry (Outpouring Ministries International) is currently based out of San Antonio.

Alan spoke Thursday night about his powerful personal testimony about how God had raised him up from an atheistic and prideful person to some one who God could work through and accomplish all His will. Alan shared about his miraculous conversion and how God instantly delivered him from smoking and various other issues. He also shared about hearing the voice of God and being obedient.

On Friday, Alan began to share about getting caught in religion and how God began to show him the authority he had and how to partner with God to accomplish His will in the earth. He shared about the importance of learning to live like Jesus where we yield ourselves completely and totally to the Holy Spirit.

On Friday afternoon, Dennis See (Director of The Altar HOP in Meadville, PA) shared a powerful word about what the Lord has been doing throughout the state of PA in the government through the Statewide House of Prayer network that Dennis oversees. There were powerful testimonies of the awesome ways God is working behind the scenes. Dennis also shared about what God is saying to the intercessors in this hour and prayed for those who have been wounded in some way, that they would be healed and get back onto the battlefield!

Friday evening, Alan’s powerful teaching was followed by an even more powerful time of ministry in which Alan prayed for all in attendance to be free from the spirit of unbelief and to walk in faith as well as purity. It was a dynamic time!

Saturday morning Alan shared about the heavenly city and the idea of establishing heavenly Jerusalem (which now is) in our cities and seeing the city transformed as the Kingdom and Government of God permeate the heavenly realm and begin to manifest in the earth. As he said, everything begins to be ‘heavenized’.

Saturday afternoon, Jamie Fitt (PTOD Chairman) laid out a strong vision for Philadelphia as the primary governmental city in the nation where the roots of our government are established. Jamie also shared from the books of 1 & 2 Samuel about the rise the prophetic voice (the TOD) as well as a company of warriors (David’s Mighty Men), and the establishment of a spiritual capital for Israel in Jerusalem. He shared that the journey that occurred in the Scriptures is very similar to the process that God wants to take Philadelphia through. He also shared from Isaiah 11 a vision for righteous government.

Saturday night Alan concluded his discussion of the heavenly city and primarily spent time praying for the sick and laying hands on people for an impartation. This was a powerful time!

We are very grateful to Alan and Dennis for coming and ministering. We are also very thankful to our host ministry – Balance Ministries and Pastor Delzora Terrell as well as Blair Christian Academy.