PTOD had the privilege of hosting Bill and Jeanette Hunter from Dalhart Texas on Memorial Day Weekend. Bill and Jeanette were joined by others from Oklahoma and Washinton DC who converged on Philadelphia this particular weekend.

Friday night, the meeting was held at Evangelical Fellowship Chapel, located just outside of the northeast part of Philadelphia. Friday was a time of prophetic worship and intercession. We declared that it was the day of God’s mercy and favor over Philadelphia. We also repented for the way Philadelphia had turned from her roots and forsaken the Lord. We prayed and declared that some from every tribe and tongue would come to the Lord in Philadelphia.

City Church of Philadelphia (in South Philly) was our host on Saturday. We started with a brief time of worship after which Bill shared his heart for Philadelphia and many important prophetic insights. He spoke about the destiny of Philadelphia and what was in the heart of William Penn in the founding of the city. He also encouraged us to hold a high standard of truth and not to compromise for any reason. He shared what the Lord had him declare over Philadelphia when he had been here before and the miraculous way that he had gotten connected with the saints in Philadelphia.

Later that afternoon we went to Penn Treaty Park to pray on site. As we were there, the Lord lead us to declare “Freedom” over the city.

Thanks to the host churches and thanks to Bill, Jeanette and friends!